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  • 3M All Purpose Assorted Sandpaper Pack

    Use this all-purpose sandpaper for sanding wood, metal, plastic, and painted surfaces. Package contains five 9" x 11" sheets made with durable, aluminum oxide abrasives. Includes two sheets each of...
  • Alvin Curved Drafting Brush

    Comfortable, curved, 15 1/2" finished hardwood handle brush that holds sterilized mixed horsehair in a single row of tufts to provide a stiff brushing action.
  • Alvin Drafting Dots Tape Roll

    Contains 500 drafting dots, each 7/8" in diameter, and are supplied in a convenient pull-tab dispenser. Used these to hold your work down, great as it comes in a convenient...
  • Alvin Portable Drawing With Parallel Straight-Edge

    Professional-quality portable drawing and drafting board with built-in parallel straightedge for all kinds of creative and technical applications. Fully assembled! Aluminum straightedge with soft, rubber edges for enhanced grip, comfort...
  • Art Alternatives Artist Clip Board (Various Sizes)

    This is a portable handy clip board to hold your paper or pad of paper. Made of untempered 5mm MDF, it also has a cutout handle. Size: 13" x 17"...
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  • Art Alternatives Chamois 5X7"

    This genuine artist chamois is natural, soft, pliable and highly absorbent. It's ideal for blending pastels and charcoal, creating effects with watercolors and smoothing clay surfaces.
  • Art Alternatives Mini Sandpaper Block For Sharpening Pencil Points

    Used mainly for sharpening charcoal, blending stumps, crayons, pastels, pencils and tortillons. Twelve sheets of 1" x 4" medium grit sandpaper are attached to a pressboard paddle providing a portable...
  • Art Alternatives Sand Block (Medium/Course Grit)

    Ideal for a variety of sanding needs, from resurfacing and paint removal to final finishing and creating artistic effects, these versatile sanding blocks are made of polyurethane foam coated with...
  • Art Alternatives Tortillion And Blending Stumps Assorted Pack

    These are soft papers rolled to a point. They are called Tortillions. They make a great tool to blend pencils and pastels. Also included is a tool called a Stump....
  • Art Alternatives Wooden Manikin, 12" Male

    Manikins are useful tools for learning to draw. These are accurately proportioned, and they are flexible enough to mimic many human positions. Each is made of unvarnished hardwood and comes...
  • Chartpak Ad Marker Blender (Transfer Blender)

    Transfer images with this solvent based marker.
  • Dahle Deluxe Canister Sharpner

    Dahle is a brand known for their excellent scissors, and here is their handheld sharpener. The stainless steel blades are sharp, this model has 2 holes for 2 different sized...
  • Kohinoor Pencil Lengthner

    When your pencil becomes too small to hold, this pencil lengthener solves the problem. It has a nickel-plated ferrule with sliding ring for holding pencils securely. Can be used for...
  • Loew Cornell Tortillion, Assorted Pack

    These are soft papers rolled to a point. They are called Tortillions. They make a great tool to blend pencils and pastels.
  • Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erser Pack Of 3

    Jumbo white eraser refills for PenThis classic premium eraser easily removes pencil marks. Soft, pliable rubber is easy to maneuver and resists paper tears. For everyone from students to serious...
  • Pentel Clic Eraser

    Premium white eraser removes lead easily and cleanly without scuffing, smearing or tearing writing surface. Pocket clip advances/retracts this long lasting eraser with a click. Maximum comfort and control with...
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