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  • Fiskars Pinking Shears

    9" Pinking Shears, our most popular pinking shear to date, made by Fiskars. Bent handle to help keep the fabric flat while you cut. Stainless steel blades, high grade metal...
  • Fiskars Amplify Shears (8" or 10")

    Honed to razor sharpness, if you are cutting heavier fabrics, use this shear from Fiskars to help you move along. It is so sharp that it comes with a protective...
    From $29.99
  • Fiskars 8" Original Orange Handle Scissors

    This is the light-weight original Fiskars brand orange handle scissors. Been around for over 50 years, used by dress makers since then.
  • Fiskars Pinking Shears With Softgrip Lined Handles

    9" SOFTGRIP LINED HANDLE Pinking Shears, our most popular softgrip linned handle pinking shear to date, made by Fiskars. Bent handle to help keep the fabric flat while you cut....
  • Fiskars 8" Nonstick Coated, Studio/Office Scissors

    SoftGrip handle, Non-Stick blade scissors for studio use. Easy to clean blades, with soft grip lined handle, this is a nice scissors to have in any studio setting.
  • Fiskars Micro 5", With Pointed Top

    5" stitcher scissors, sharp as can be, helpful to cut the smallest of details.
  • Fiskars Bent 9" Shears

    Fiskars call this model their dress maker shears. It is a bent model so the fabric can stay flat while you cut the fabric. Sharp to the tip, use this...
  • Clover Seamripper

    Well designed lightweight seam ripper from Japan.
  • Basic Seam Ripper

    Basic Plastic handles seam ripper, comes with a protective cover.
  • All Metal Shears (8", 10", or 12")

    This is a professional tailor quailty shears, made with all metal throughout, it is a weighted dependable cutter. Length: 8" Long 10" Long 12" Long
    From $48.00
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