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  • 8ths Graph Beveled Ruler (Multiple Sizes)

    Some call these graph rulers, others call them see-through rulers, we call them Hot-Sellers! Graphic designers use them for all their drawing needs, seamstresses use them for quick hemming and...
    From $2.00
  • Alvin 30°/60° Clear Triangle (Multiple Sizes)

    30°/60° Clear Triangle, polystyrene and economical, basic drawing tool to have in most studios. Sizes: 6" 8" 10" 12"
    From $2.95
  • Alvin Draft-Line Mechanical Pencil (Various Sizes)

    These lightweight yet durable pencils feature a cushion point for comfortable writing control and minimal lead breakage. Ideal for both drafting and general writing. Size: .3mm Draft-Line Mechanical Pencil .5mm...
  • Alvin Irregular Curve 17" Long (Armhole)

    As the name implies, the shape is irregular but functional as it is mainly used to create an ideal armhole in pattern making. This particular one is 17" long (...
  • Alvin Jumbo Circle Template #TD495

    This Jumbo circle template is 9" x 11-5/8" overall, and has 12 different sized circles, starting from 1-1/4" being the smallest and 3-1/2"" the largest circle. (all in inches)
  • Alvin Timely Circle Template T-88 (Inches)

    Timely Circle Templates #88T - This Timely circle template is 6¼" x 9¾" overall, and has 42 different sized circles, starting from 1/32" being the smallest and 2-1/4" the largest circle. (all...
  • Artograph Light Pad Light Box (Various Sizes)

    This light box feature Super Bright LED lamps that provide a perfectly even illuminated surface to take projects to the next level. They have a compact 12mm profile with a...
    From $106.99
  • Artograph Light Tracer Light Box 10" x 12"

    This portable light box features a 10" x 12" slanted tracing surface illuminated by an 8-watt fluorescent bulb. It makes transferring designs and patterns fast and easy. Great for embossing,...
  • Bienfang Parchment 100 Designer Series Tracing Pad (Multiple Sizes)

    Use this tracing paper for rough sketches, development drawings and overlays. It features excellent transparency and tooth. Pads are individually wrapped in PVC film for protection.Size: 9"x12" 11"x14"
    From $6.89
  • Borden & Riley #35C Sun-Glo Thumbnail Soft Tone Sketch Rolls, Canary Yellow (Multiple Sizes)

    Transparent Yellow sketching paper on a roll favored by many artists, specially architects who continues to draw with their hands and not on the computer. As thin as tracing paper,...
    From $10.95
  • Borden & Riley #35W Sun-Glo Thumbnail Soft Tone Sketch Rolls, White (Multiple Sizes)

    Transparent sketching paper on a roll favored by many artists, fashion illustrators and A LOT of architects who chooses to draw with their hands and not on the computer. As...
    From $5.50
  • Borden & Riley #41Parchment Tracing Pad, 50 Sheets (Multiple Sizes)

    This is a 25lb. parchment type of tracing paper. Premium grade, light weight, slightly mottled, and very transparent. Excellent for tracing, sketching, fine drafting and engineer drawings. Size: 9"x12", 50...
    From $6.95
  • Borden & Riley #90 Sheer Trace Pad, Medium Weight, 55LB /50 Sheet Pad (Multiple Sizes)

    This is an imported, very sheer, medium weight tracing paper, (most definitely thicker than our regular tracing pads # BRX41912). With a very smooth surface, it is nice enough to...
    From $19.63
  • C-Thru 2mm Lead Point Sharpener

    C-Thru Lead Point Rotary style sharpener for the 2mm leads.
  • C-THRU Plastic L-Square Ruler (8" x 8")

    8"x8", L-Square see through Graph Ruler,many ways to use this well made tool, calibrated in both inches and centimeters.
  • Canson Lightweight, 25lb Tracing Pad, 50sh/pd (Multiple Sizes)

    Execptionally smooth and transparent, we love this tracing pad from Canson. This tracing paper nicely lays flat while tracing and it's smooth surface takes most pens and all pencils. Also...
    From $6.50
  • Collins 20" Styling Design Ruler

    An all in one measuring tool, has an 18" graph ruler, curved top for the arm, curved along the side for the hip, and even a cut out slot in...
  • Dahle 2mm Lead Point Sharpener

    Dahle Lead Point Rotary style sharpener for the 2mm leads.
  • GRAFIX Acetate on a Roll

    Convenient to use, transparent and flexible, it's uses are many in projects and protecting materials. Size: .005 Thickness, 25" Wide x 100 Feet Long
  • Grafix Acetate Sheets in a Pad (Multiple Sizes)

    These are clear acetate sheets in a Pad, and are excellent for overlays and protections. Overlay this acetate over art to work in layers, and work on layouts. Protect your...
    From $13.50
  • Grafix Individual Acetate Sheets (Multiple Sizes)

    Sold as individual sheets. Size & Details: .003" thick, clear, 25"x40", this is the thinnest acetate we stock. It is mostly used as an overlay, as it is very clear...
    From $5.95
  • Grafix Wet Media Acetate Pad (Multiple Sizes)

    Treated on 1 side, you can use inks, acrylic and watercolor paints on it to create layers of images. Before illustrator's programs, layers of images were painted and drawn on...
    From $12.78
  • Hoechstmass 60" Tape Measure (Soft or Retractable)

    Where quality matters, this is one of the best tape measures made. Inches on one side, centimeters on the other, best of the best in tape measures, 60 inches long. ...
  • Kohinoor Super Adapto Lead Holder

    Like this name implies, this drawing lead holder features a non-slip clutch that accepts the widest range of lead diameters. Constructed of a metal barrel with knurled finger grip.
  • Lance 24" Irregular Curve

    Some call this a Hip Curve, but it is a 24" long Aluminum irregular curve, calibrated on 1 side in inches. It's ideal use is in making patterns for clothing and...
  • Lance 24" Metal Hip Curve

    This hip curve is a traditional tool for most seamstresses and pattern makers. Made from a sturdy lightweight aluminum, most useful to create most curves needed to create most patterns.
  • Lance Aluminum L-Square Ruler

    An ideal right angle ruler for clear right angle measuring. Made of light weight rust proof aluminum. Sizes: 24" Aluminum L-Square Ruler - 24" on one arm, and 14" on the...
    From $15.95
  • Paper Mate 7mm Sharpwriter Yellow Barrel 12 Pack

    7mm Sharpwriter mechanical pencils, still popular, still dependable. Sold in a box of 12 pencils.
  • Pentel Graph Gear 500 Drafting Pencil (Various Sizes)

    This is a mechanical pencil from Pentel. It is the 500 series, with the metallic mesh grip on a slim, beveled barrel with a 4mm fixed sleeve. The special metal...
  • Pentel Graph Gear 800 Drafting Pencil (Various Sizes)

    This is a mechanical pencil from Pentel. It is the 800 series, with the metal grip inlaid, perfectly balanced for more control in your hand. The GraphGear 800 mechanical drafting...
  • Pentel Sharp, .5mm Mechanical Pencil

    This Pentel SHARP mechanical pencil is the #1 selling mechanical drafting pencil and the industry standard. It also features the 4mm tip design for use with rulers and templates.
  • Pentel Sharplet Mechanical Pencils, Box Of 12 (Various Sizes)

    Sharplet mechanical pencils are slim lightweight with ridged finger grips for extended comfort and control. Sold in a box of 12 pencils.Sizes: .5mm .7mm .9mm
  • Picket Circles Template (Multiple Sizes)

    These Pickett circle templates are 4"x7.25"overall and have different sized circles depending on the template. Style: Pickett Circle Template #1200i - This template has 39 different sized circles, starting from...
    From $13.95
  • Staedtler 2mm Lead Point Sharpener

    Staedtler Lead Point Rotary style sharpener for the 2mm leads.
  • Staedtler Technico Lead Holder

    Lead holders featuring a long finger grip which correctly places the center of gravity near the drawing surface, a comfortable easy-to-grab, knurled finger grip, a pocket clip and a lead...
  • Westcott French Plastic Curve Set (Multiple)

    Great for detail work, these Westcott French Curves are made with nice smooth edges allowing you to draw any curve. Draw the exact smooth lines you need to complete your...
    From $10.95
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